Time Travel 2,000 years of history in 45 minutes

Time Travel is probably the most comfortable way to travel. Not from A to B, but through time. The high-tech version of the compressed history lesson packs the history of Vienna, starting from the Roman era, into a kind of practical cultural storage jar to provide an entertaining break from the outside world. 

On a tranquil stroll through Vienna's historical old city, it happens to more and more people somewhere between Michaelerplatz and Petersplatz: actually passing a Salvatorian Monastery in Habsburgergasse, Time Travel sucks you through a relatively small entrance into a surprisingly large underworld that promises five-dimensional experiences and an elaborately staged rapid journey through the history of the city. 

Time Travel – the "Magic Vienna History Tour"

Only established in Vienna some years ago, Time Travel is an attraction that gives visitors – last year more than 200,000 – simply prepared, if not somewhat reduced snippets of Austrian and in particular Viennese history. But all this with a maximum of life, and with a range of impressive effects to appeal to the visual, acoustic and other senses. 
Starting with the Romans in Vienna over 2,000 years ago and a film presentation with the special effects of a 5-D cinema, every tour is accompanied by a friendly tour guide. The information is available in various languages with the headphones available at the entrance. 
In terms of themes, Time Travel has everything you might expect: with Mozart and Strauss, a Viennese waltz ride, an enchanting Fiaker tour, life-sized Habsburgs, as well as a plague pit and an air raid alarm in a bomb shelter with reference to the darker chapters of the city's history. 

Will you enjoy Time Travel?

Anyone hoping for historical precision or completeness, for contemplative immersion in the long and eventful history of the city might find the show character of the Time Travel production a little superficial. If, however, it's fun and entertainment you're after, and you would like to treat yourself to an exciting and experience-packed, hands-on journey through Austrian history, you will certainly enjoy your visit at Time Travel and take it home as a happy memory. 
Tip: The online reservation* of tickets for one of the guided tours beginning every 15-20 minutes saves waiting times at the entrance.