General Terms and Conditions Duschel Apartments Terms and conditions


 The agreed amount is to be paid in advance by card. Please refer to your booking conditions. 
Smoking in the room DamagePayment lump sum EUR 50,-
Late check out per hour EUR 25,-

The deposit to be paid at check-in serves as a security deposit for any damage to the apartment and house.

The reservation is made through our booking system.All details about booking, cancellation and payment conditions can be found in your booking.

Cancellation policy at the time of booking: Please refer to the cancellation policy that you accepted when you made your booking!

Night's rest: Please keep the noise level at room volume after 22:00. Respect the right of neighbors to their night's rest.
Arrival/departure: On the day of arrival, the

booked apartment will be available to you from 3:00 p.m. on the Verfügung.Am day of departure, unless otherwise agreed, we ask you to vacate the apartment by 10 a.m. at the latest.

The rental takes place EXCLUSIVELY at Wohnzwecken.In our house no trade may be pursued, no business may be registered. The guest indemnifies Duschel Management GmbH and holds it harmless.#

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The following house rules are valid for all apartments offered on our homepage. It defines the basic rules to make your stay a pleasant stay in sophisticated atmosphere for all persons involved

These house rules are an integrated part of any common house rules of the places you stay. Our house rules and the common house rules which are announced in your apartment have to be respected by guests and other occupants. In case of different interpretations the local house rules are priorized. All other points remain untouched.

The landlord or landlady has the right to make announced inspections in the apartment/house during your stay. In urgent cases , if damage is suspected or repair is necessary he/she is permitted to enter apartment without announcement.

Duration of stay:
According to local law a special rental agreement is necessary if the duration of your stay exceeds 5 month

Number of persons:
It is not allowed to exceed the arranged number of persons without permission of the landlord/landlady. In case of agreement the price is subject of change. The surrender of the apartment to a third party requires a written permission and report of name and address.

Ignoring these rules causes the right for the landlord/landlady to close the duration of your stay. For the contrary usage of agreement during duration of your stay he/she is authorized to request an extra charge.

For keys taken, a deposit per piece can be required. It’s the guests duty to pay for lost keys and cover additional costs of changing locks. At the end of your stay with return of keys the deposit will be returned.

Please keep your noise after 10 p.m.(22:00) local time on room level. Respect the fact that neighbours will have their privacy during night hours.

On the day of your departure, if there was not made any other arrangement, you are asked to leave the rooms before 11 am.

It is the landlord’s/landlady’s responsibility to look after the proper reservation and preparation of the apartment or house. In case of an act of god, or adverse circumstances the landlord/landlady has the right to offer another compareable accommodation. If there is no equivalent object, or the guest does not agree, both sides can cancel the arrangement. The liability of landlord/landlady is limited to the refund of prepaid amounts

Guests and their accompanies declare explicitly to use the apartment, house, sports equipment, pool and all other available things in the rented object at their own risk and avoid landlord/landlady of all deduced claims of compensation.

There is no liability for all valueables brought by the guest and their accompanies.

Maintenance and damages in apartment/house:
Our guests have the duty to take care of rented rooms and all other equipment and keep them in good shape.

Upcoming faults or danger, which could threaten the rented accomodation or rentals must be reported immediatly to the

The guest is liable for all damages and impacts on the rented rooms or goods, as far as they exceed signs of wear and tear on normal usage. This regulation is also valid for all other accompanies which are resident in agreement with landlord/landlady.

If landlord/landlady or their substitute is not reachable, the guest has to order, in fulfillment of his duty, an emergency repair. All costs will be refunded by the landlord/landlady, as far as the guest is not guilty of negligence.

Additional arrangement:
Should be, or become one of the regulations above partly or fully not legally valid this will not touch the continuing existance of all other regulations. Such regulations will be replaced by the local house rules (of your landlord/landlady) or retrospective of other legally valid regulations which fulfill the economic interest of all parties.

Court of jurisdiction:
Court of jurisdiction for all apartments is Vienna