dataprotectoin Dataprotection

I consent, on my behalf, to Duschel Apartments Veinna processing
my personal data, in particular

  • Master data (last name, first name, place of residence, address, email address, telephone and fax numbers, business and personal contact details including contact persons and their function, place and date of birth, customer number, language and license plate as well as car model)
  • ID data (e.g. travel documents, personal IDs, driving licenses etc. including issuing authority and expiry date, nationality)
  • Arrival and departure date and length of booking, room number
  • The services which I have asked for and personal preferences, which I have communicated (such as food or bedding preferences), as well as allergies, intolerances, other needs and customer or special requirements, date and type of utilised and consumed services including unique categories of data
  • data regarding payment type and pertaining to payments, in particular EC-cards, credit cards and bank cards
  • Customer feedback
  • Data with picture/ audio recordings
for the following purposes within the premise (hereinafter referred to as “hotel”)
o Reservations of rooms and tables along with other services, bookings of rooms and services in hotels and restaurants as well as the application, processing and invoicing thereof and other hotel services and deliverables (B2B, B2C, FIT)
o Customer service including all correspondence, processing of customer requirements and cost allocation
o Booking and planning of events and functions of all kind
o procurement and delivery of transport services and rental vehicles
o Operation of wellness and fitness facilities including making appointments, group trainings, booking of additional services, consulting of customers, use of computer-operated training machines
o Video surveillance of all entrances to the hotel, all areas belonging to the hotel but located outside of the building and all accessible rooms within the hotel and relative outbuildings and park grounds for security purposes e.g. for the protection of persons and items, the property of the hotel guests and the hotel, in particular.

I want all services concerning my stay in the hotel, to be executed as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that my particular customer wishes continue to be considered moving forward. So that I may receive optimum customer service, I consent that
  • all my data, as specified in this document, may be kept on file beyond the duration of my business relationship with the hotel and 
  • at most 3 years after the longest statutory requirement to preserve records,
  • so that
  • this data may be used to create new booking of the hotel, as specified by myself, and
  • can be passed on to third parties, to the extent necessary.
I was advised, that I am entitled to partially rescind or entirely revoke this declaration of consent at any time with respect to the hotel.
I acknowledge that the data protection policies of the hotel are published on their website data-protection and hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree with them.