Wine, Heurigen and more Vienna in September: Best of Heurigen (Traditional Viennese wine tavern)

Vienna has become an international hot spot for wine lovers. The following are our most favorite places to spend a traditional Viennese evening at the Heurigen. For reservations, private wine tasting sessions, wine orders and more detailed information please contact Duschel Apartments!

Heurigen means “this year’s wine” as well as the tavern where you can drink it. The license for winegrowers to serve their own young wine goes right back to empress Maria Theresia in 1784 and used to be limited to a few weeks a year. That’s why a Heurigen is “ausg`steckt” and also called “Buschenschank”: A bundle of greens above the entrance signales that the Heurigen is open. You will still find them – complemented with flashing green LEDs, maybe.

Going out to a Heurigen is still a big deal for tourists – and Austrians as well. No matter which age: There is no better place to spend an informal evening with family or friends. In some small places you will still find cold meals only – mostly homemade by Granny. Even in the bigger places it’s still quite common that you have to pick your meal at the buffet, pay it there and bring it to the table yourself.

Many times there won’t be an empty table and you happily join someone else’s party on long rustic wooden tables and benches. The waiters will take your drink order, write them on a piece of paper and leave it in a small glass in front of you. But don’t worry: Nowadays most of Vienna’s Heurigen are proper restaurants who also serve hot dishes (and even beer!) to the table. And if you visit the mainly touristic places in Grinzing, there will be live music as well. Duschel Apartments selected only Heurigen for you, that we love to visit ourselves. In our opinion, they represent a successful combination of tradition and modern hospitality. Please remember: Don’t drink and drive! In Austria, the drink-drive limit is 0,5 per thousand. And yes, there are police controls close to all Heurigen on a regular basis. We will gladly order a shuttle service to bring you safely back home to your Duschel Apartment!

If it has to be Grinzing: FEUERWEHR WAGNER

You won’t meet many locals in Grinzing – but maybe you will find us at Feuerwehr Wagner. You’ll still find good value for money and honest wines without bells and whistles there. Tip: vegan meals, too.

1190 Vienna, Grinzinger Strasse 53


For your amazement: Ask for a bottle of soda-water (no mineral water!) and half a liter of Grüner Veltliner (typical dry Viennese white wine). Viennese love to drink young wine with soda-water, especially in summertime. This traditional Viennese Longdrink is called “G’spritzter”. There you can mix it yourself on the table using veritable historic soda-water-dispensers.

1190 Vienna-Nussdorf, Kahlenberger Strasse 22, Entrance via Zahnradbahnstrasse 17

Tramway Line D at Final Destination “Nussdorf”

Dornbacher Pfarrhof – Stiftskeller St. Peter

“Der Dornbacher Pfarrer steckt aus, da bleibt doch ka Weintrinker z’Haus …” Not all of Vienna’s Heurigen have got their own traditional! This one became really popular and the first lines can be translated as “When the priest of Dornbach opens his Heurigen, no wine lover will stay at home…” The rooms and historic wine cellars date back to 1042, which is really old – even in traditional Vienna. Highly recommended on rainy days & evenings – or tropically hot ones.

1170 Vienna-Dornbach, Rupertusplatz



What about a short trip to the countryside? Go to Klosterneuburg, former capital of Austria, right behind Vienna’s north border, close to river Danube, 30 min. from Vienna’s city center. Family-friendly huge garden with petting zoo, great food, good place to stay for whole afternoons and evenings. Nice weather only!

3411 Klosterneuburg-Weidling, Hauptstrasse 190


You don’t have enough time to go to the wineyards on the edge of town for the whole experience? There is also a Heurigen in the heart of the city, 3 floors down deep under Vienna’s pedestrian area! In a historic cellar vault that goes back to the 15th century as part of Vienna’s old town walls. Open daily with traditional food and even a daily lunch menu. A bit touristic, but not only. Worth a quick glimpse what this Heurigen-stuff is all about!

1010 Vienna, Haarhof 1 (just around the corner of Naglergasse/Kohlmarkt)