Vienna puts the world at your plate

Cuisine special: Vienna puts the world at your plate

One of Vienna’s core skills is food. Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz and Apfelstrudel are popular ambassadors of Old Viennese Kitchen all around the world. Nowadays you will find much more variety on Vienna’s plates! No matter if you are longing for kimchi, T-Bone, halal, kosher or vegan: Duschel Apartments know an authentic restaurant to satisfy your tastes.

The following are excellent places to taste Viennese food or to eat like at home. The team of Duschel Apartments has actually been there and enjoyed the food as well as the service and atmosphere. If you find a decent place we don’t know about yet, please let us know. For your feedback, opening hours, rest days, reservations and more detailed information please contact Duschel Apartments!  

Viennese Kitchen at its best

Figlmüller – Home of Schnitzel The Original Wiener Schnitzel has to be made out of veal. Figlmüller serves the best Wiener Schnitzel – made out of pork. It’s kind of religion, you know? Try both and find your favorite! 1010 Vienna, Wollzeile 5 (in the passage)

Café Markusplatz It used to be a traditional Viennese Coffeehouse – and still is. A small place with an intimate setting and a daily lunch menu. In the evening it transforms into a stylish Diner with creative and seasonal, but still typical Viennese Kitchen, organic meat included. Try everything! 1010 Vienna, Tuchlauben 16 (close to Hoher Markt square)

Plachutta – Home of Tafelspitz It’s all about beef: Try the Tafelspitz or the Original Wiener Schnitzel made with the best cuts of veal. It’s the real thing, as far as we are concerned. 2 locations in 1010 Vienna: Wollzeile 38 and Walfischgasse 5-7 (close to Duschel Apartments/Staatsoper)

Gmoakeller Very genuine place. Try the Gulyas and the Apfelstrudel! To the adventurous they serve brain in scrambled eggs as well. 1030 Vienna, Am Heumarkt 25 (right behind Wiener Konzerthaus)  

Viennese Sweets Hotel Sacher with the famous Sacher Torte and Konditorei Demel with its imperial display and interior are quite rightly well-known and always worth a visit.
But for the sweet tooth in Vienna there’s much more to discover:
Café-Konditorei Aida All over town, easy to find by its pink color scheme. The only place in town we would consider to eat Punschkrapfen. e.g. 1010 Vienna, Stephansplatz

Kurkonditorei Oberlaa 9 locations in town. Try everything, but take the macaroons home with you! e.g. 1010 Vienna, Neuer Markt 16 (between Kärntner Strasse and Graben)  

Halal Kitchen

Aux Gazelles: Northern Africa – Oriental It’s all about style & atmosphere! And you can eat, drink and get a massage there as well. Restaurant, Lounge, Club and Hamam (Turkish bath) 1060 Vienna, Rahlgasse 5 (close to Museumsquartier/Mariahilfer Strasse) Kent Restaurant: Levantine – Turkish Amazing Garden in summertime, very family friendly, for bigger groups and celebrations as well. 1160 Vienna, Brunnengasse 67 (on Brunnenmarkt – Vienna’s most vivid daily market)  

Kosher Kitchen

RESTAURANT ALEF ALEF - Fleishig (meat) Just around the corner of Vienna’s main synagogue. Traditional Jewish meals like gefilte fish (fish patties) as well as kosher Eastern European kitchen. Friday night: Shabbat meals! 1010 Vienna, Seitenstettengasse 4 (close to Schwedenplatz) PIZZERIA NOVELLINO - Milchig und Parve (dairy and neutral) Right in the heart of the former Jewish Quarter. They serve Sushi as well, but you have to taste the Pizzas, they are great – even if you are not into kosher! Family friendly atmosphere, children welcome. 1020 Vienna, Zirkusgasse 15  


Yamm A huge buffet at the center of a stylish restaurant, full of vegetarian and vegan treats. Regional, seasonal, Viennese, international, fusion. Sounds interesting? Don’t miss the vegan deserts! 1010 Vienna, Universitätsring 10 (vis-à-vis Vienna University)   TIAN – Vegetarian gourmet cuisine Classy, posh, fabulous. 1010 Vienna, Himmelpfortgasse 23 (close to Kärntner Strasse)   Schillinger’s Swing kitchen – VEGAN only Vegan Burgers and Deserts, Salads and Take Away. 1070 Vienna, Schottenfeldgasse 3 (close to Mariahilfer Strasse)  


SCHESCH BESCH Restaurant, Bar and Shisha Lounge Must try: Baba Ganush Falafel and Esh Asaraya (for the sweet tooth) 1010 Vienna, Schwarzenbergstrasse 4 (close to Duschel Apartments/Staatsoper)  


NOOSH We have to confess: We’ve never been to Afghanistan. But we were truly impressed by this stunning place and its owners. This space definitely looks like nowhere else in Vienna. Sunday Brunch! 1070 Vienna, Zieglergasse 29 (close to Mariahilfer Strasse)  


Cafe Ansari Russian breakfast with salmon, liver roll, beetroot and Vodka was hard to find – but we made it! 1020 Vienna, Praterstrasse 15 (close to Schwedenplatz, at the other side of Donaukanal)  


MOCHI Of course there’s excellent Sushi to take-away at the associated Take Out vis-à-vis. But they also serve something I can’t describe called “Crispy Tan Tan Pizza“. You have to taste it! 1020 Vienna, Praterstrasse 15 (close to Schwedenplatz, at the other side of Donaukanal)  


ECHO – City Thai Vienna There are many, but this is the one. 1010 Vienna, Passauerplatz 2 (close to gothic church “Maria-Am-Gestade”)  


GOOD MORNING VIETNAM Special: You can choose between conventional and organic meat. Stylish furnishing and flamboyant staff outfits. 1090 Vienna, Sechsschimmelgasse 16 (close to Vienna Volksoper)  


Bada-Sushi Within the Viennese Korean community there is a lot of discussion going on where to go and if it’s really Korean or just another Chinese cooking. This seems to be the right place right now to get your kimchi. 1010 Vienna, Johannesgasse 3 (close to Kärntner Strasse)  


Demi Tass Not the most stylish place in town, but they serve the most authentic food. 1040 Vienna, Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 28 (close to Belvedere Castle)  


Pars Family owned, run and cooked with lots of love! 1080 Vienna, Lerchenfelder Strasse 148  


Beaulieu in Palais Ferstel A piece of Paris – which means a piece of heaven, of course! You can order real foie gras and they even sardines in tins sorted by vintage. Try the Plat du Jour: You’ll like it! (no matter what it might be) 1010 Vienna, Herrengasse 14 (entrance to Palais Ferstel through Herrengasse or Freyung)  


Charly P’s Pub and Dining Unique Ale menu (even Belgian ones!), bubbly pub atmosphere, quiet cozy alcoves, stylish diner, dancefloor in the basement. Must eat at the Diner: Fish & Chips with minted pea puree (best in town)! 1090 Vienna, Währinger Strasse 3 (right behind Votiv Church).  


Am Nordpol Original cool draught Czech beer and food right out of the cook book of your Bohemian grandmother (if you are lucky enough to have one. Genuine Viennese do, you know?) 1020 Vienna, Nordwestbahnstrasse 17/Nordpolstrasse 3 (close to Augarten)

American & Steaks

FlatSchers Steaks & Burgers There are many steakhouses and burger diners in Vienna. We’d love to recommend FRANK’s at Laurenzerberg close to Schwedenplatz, but the overall guest experience is not consistent. Flatschers seems to become the new hotspot for real cowboys in town. Please try both and give us your opinion! 1070 Vienna, Kaiserstrasse 113-115  


Crossfields Australian beer, kangaroo burgers, crocodile steaks, grilled grasshoppers and even Vegemite for homesick Aussies. 1010 Vienna, Maysedergasse 5 (right behind Hotel Sacher)